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About Us

We are Alec World. A group of like-minded creative individuals dedicated to the process of building connections with brands, businesses and people with the ambition to change the future. Alec World is passionate about consistantly pushing the boundaries of design, exploring new techniques across a variety of services. From designing purposeful websites, bespoke products and brand identities to building further connections offering services such as content creation and digital marketing.  


The name Alec derives from the term ‘A Legacy’. The desire to not only build a legacy under our own name, but to be a part of many which forms the two together as Alec World. We build connections on a global scale that last forever.  


We believe designing with strategy, purpose and execution are the three most important factors in creating value for clients and brands. Ensuring project expectations are met successfully as well as portraying a clear message to consumers, which are the key values to our company.  

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